Site Analysis

The first step in the design process is to do a site analysis.  An assessment is made of existing trees, plantings, amount of sunlight, privacy needs, sight lines, soil conditions, etc.  During this phase, measurements of the property will be taken as well as photographs of the building and existing landscape structures.  Based on these findings, a base plan is prepared.

Preliminary design concepts

This second step is most important in which the client and designer work together to refine the design concept.  After the site analysis is completed, design concepts will be presented for review and approval. This preliminary design concept will show overview of softscape as well as new hardscape elements (as needed). Through this collaborative effort, a refined design concept is achieved.

(Detail information in shown in the Master Plan or next phase). 

Master Plan

The third step of the design process results in the creation of a the master design plan.  This is a plan that is drawn to scale, showing hardscape and softscape (all planting areas). Also shown will be a complete plant list (including both botanical & common names, quantity and size needed).  This master plan can then be submitted to landscape and construction professionals for bidding to do the actual installation of job.